Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel


People talk about how North Korea and its people are completely secluded and brainwashed. But Israelis prove that you can be out and about in the world and still be brainwashed. The scenes in Gaza right now, dead and bloody people on the streets, hospitals bombed, schools bombed, homes bombed, homeless children, dead children, dead women, dead parents, dead families. Whilst in Tel Aviv they party and are so scared when they hear a siren. A rocket hitting the pavement is for them an act of evil. Yet there are people, innocent people, actually dying because of their occupation and they are cheering it on. They are delusional, apathetic and guilt-free. The whole world is watching and witnessing massacres, condemning the bloodshed, but they still think they are the victims. It’s absolute madness.

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Anonymous: Qual seu gênero de fotografia favorito?

Fotografia documental. Mas também gosto muito de fotografia de moda.

E o seu?